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Importance of Digital Marketing in India

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Just like the world of technology is growing day by day, the same way India is growing in terms of everything – from technology to population – everything in India is growing. If you don’t know it yet, the impact of the internet in Indian population is quite high – as according to the recent survey, at least 25 corer of the Indian population is using internet and that is not a joke.

This is just a glimpse of the importance of the digital marketing companies in India as you understand how big your target audience is. But before we tell you about the importance here let’s see what exactly digital marketing is –

Digital marketing is basically the branding or the endorsement of various goods and services of various brands and companies with the help of the social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or through emails, and other electric media or search engines. The digital marketing comprises or consists of various important tools like – Search Engine Optimization or SEO, email marketing, Search Engine Marketing or SEM, content marketing, blog activities or mobile marketing and the list goes on and on.

Why you should choose digital marketing?

Choosing digital marketing for your brand or product is very important because it can help you grow your business to a great extent. There are various benefits of using digital marketing in India –

1.    The cost – The traditional marketing is much costlier than then that of digital marketing. Digital marketing is highly cost efficient and it can benefit you much more than the ads in TV or print media or radio.

2.    Tracking – The best thing about the digital marketing platform is that you can track your ad’s progress unlike the traditional ad channels. There are many analytic solutions which offer you a detailed report of the campaigns and these are real time reports tracked hourly and daily basis which assists you to revise your campaigns and strategies if outcome is not up to your expectation.

3.    The Target audience you get – Traditional marketing will not necessarily target a specific group of people. It will target a large group of people despite of the fact that some may need the service or some may not. But digital marketing actually targets a specific group of people for a specific product. Digital marketing also helps the buyers to target the specific product and they can buy or choose the right product based on their choice. It goes both ways.

4.    Interaction – Digital marketing process is more personal as you can engage yourself in a conversation with the buyer or the customer. The customer also finds it quite beneficial and they like the idea as they can share their views and opinions about the product. You as a service or a company can make changes in your product with the help of the feedback.

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