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Questions To Ask Your Web Designer before Hiring Them

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Hiring a web designer is a tough choice to make as the number of designers is increasing day by day. However, when you are trying to hire a proper web designer for your company, there are a few things you need to consider.

The best way to hire web development services in India is by asking a few relevant questions. These questions are –

1.    How is your work place – The most important thing you need to ask your web developer is what kind of a work place he/he has. Ask him if he works in house or how big is his team. Many design firms do not have in-house development teams. This is typically a sign that the person selling you the website doesn’t understand the technology that drives your website.

2.    How long is your experience and can you show me few of your works – Getting an early peak at the “back-end” (content management system) will be very informative of what your experience will be when you get your website? Being able to quickly and intuitively edit your website is critical to the long term value of your website. If you have to contact your design firm every time you want to edit a word on your website, you’re going to lose your shirt in costs.

3.    Can you make my site responsive – Ask the web developer if he can make your site responsive. It is very important our site to be mobile friendly as most people like to visit the site on mobile nowadays. According to a survey, it is almost 50% of the users who use mobiles to visit a website. So is it indeed very important for you to make sure that your site is responsive enough and can be viewed on phones and tablets etc.

4.    Do you offer a warranty? If yes, for how long – A website needs continuous care and service just like a car. Every single day the World Wide Web is changing. Web browsers are being updated, new viruses are being born and new functionality is being introduced. Your site may function beautifully today, and be broken tomorrow.  So the developer must be with you to make sure that nothing wrong happens with it. Make sure you ask your developer if he provides the maintenance or not. if yes, what is the plan, what is the cost and such things.

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